Why not put your message on a bread bag? It’s a winner!
Suitable for getting your message across to target audiences of all ages.

With ten years of experience and a network of 3,000 bakeries in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia, Rapid Broodzakken is the only real specialist in this field.

Provide us with your design or message and we’ll do the rest: both printing (up to six colours if you want – and that’s unique!) and distribution. We can set up your campaign within two to four weeks.

You will receive a list of participating bakeries after distribution.
We will take care of everything for you and send you digital photos so that you can monitor your campaign closely. Transparency is our creed!

Choose an option:
  1. Large: 750,000 bread bags distributed nationwide
  2. Medium: 375,000 bread bags distributed in 20 major cities
  3. A la carte: choose which region(s) and how many bread bags