Did you know that:22% of beer mats are used for making notes on and taken home by their user?
77% of customers at bars and pubs play with one or more beer mats for more than 5 seconds?
89% of beer mats end up in a different place by the end of the evening?
92% of customers at bars and pubs look at a beer mat for more than 15 seconds?
You will make an average of 4 customer contacts with each beer mat?Conclusion:
This little object is a huge hit for your message or campaign!

Rapid Media will print your beer mats and distribute them all over Belgium via a network of no fewer than 1,000 catering outlets.
And you will enjoy exclusivity, because while your campaign is running another one will not be launched. So all eyes will be on you.

Your beer mats will be produced using two- or four-colour printing.
Let us have your design four weeks before the campaign starts and we’ll do the rest.

Choose an option:
  1. Large: 650,000 beer mats distributed nationwide
  2. Medium: 300,000 beer mats distributed in 10 major cities
  3. A la carte: choose which region(s) and how many beer mats.

Suitable for appealing to a broad audience of all ages.

We also have a separate network of students’ and young people’s pubs, youth clubs and youth centres
if you want to get your message across to a young audience.

The coast is ideal for your campaign in the summer.
We visit our coastal locations every week for our poster campaigns,
and remain in close contact with the operators.
You will reap the benefits.